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“True friends are our own Aussie's who think we are wonderful eggs - even though they know we might be slightly cracked!”


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Science Diet continued declining sales

  • Theresa M Gorduyn To feed safe Dog & Cat food does not mean it's more expensive. They actually eat less, poop less and look better eating a diet that does not include growth hormones, tons of filler (of who knows what) and the worst is Corn & Wheat! They even drop ship it right on your door and I can tell you when to set up your auto ship based on the weight of your pet! Take a peek here and get with me if you have any questions! (Scroll Down the page a bit)...
    Desert Willow Australian Shepherds. An established kennel that has strived to ke...ep this wonderful breed to it's original design with emphasis on disposition/health and beauty. Puppies Available.See More
  • Danyell Hill Can I add this . . .At first I was skeptical about the food but let me tell you this. My dogs are healthier, their coats are shiny and they do poop less. Never having to worry about running out of food is huge. If at anytime if you need to change what is shipped to you just call them or go online.

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Pet parents need to understand the severity of the latest round of dog food recalls. Not only are our beloved pets being faced with more salmonella contamination from one of the country’s leading pet food manufacturers, but it is now spreading into humans.

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Pet Food Recalls are expanding!

EXCELLENT BOOK ON PET FOOD: Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine

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More 2012 Pet Food Recalls

Pet Food Recall List - It's important what we feed!
Pet Food Tribune - Embarking on a journey into the Pet Food Industry
FDA Food & Drug Admin. List - Recall list
Myths about RAW feeding - Questions & Answers
Flint River Ranch Pet Food - Info on Flint River Ranch Dog Food - what we feed our dogs


The Role of Natural Healthy Diet in the Management of Canine Epilepsy

Visit our BLOG about Animal and PEOPLE Nutrition!

July 2010 Latest Recall!
Iams & Eukanuba Food recall including their Prescription diets cat and dog food...
Also Supplements put out by another company...

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Bloat – What You Know Can Save Your Dog’s Life

The Role of Natural Healthy Diet in the Management of Canine Epilepsy

Woman believes Pet Food KILLED
her precious cat - Click Here to watch video

2010 Pet Food Recalls


Dog Eat Dog? Say it ain't so!- It is sad but TRUE!

Meat bound for land fill in your dog food? YES!

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Blue Buffalo Recalls

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Past & Present Pet Food brand recalls

"May 5, 2010: Natura Pet, makers of Innova, EVO, California Natural, HealthWise Mother Nature, and Karma Organic dog foods, has been sold to Procter and Gamble. P&G also owns the Eukanuba and Iams brands." (not good)

The Role of Natural Healthy Diet in the Management of Canine Epilepsy

Is your Omega 3 Supplement safe from PCB's?

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Remember that the Pet Food Recalls are still alive
and harming. The media is seeing this as "OLD" news. Not good!

2009- Pet food recall
, expanded again

2009 Nutro Pet Food Making Dogs Sick Read More Consumer Affairs

2009 Lawsuit On The Trail Of Nutro Pet Food Read More...

2009 Nutro food making dogs ill

08/09 Class Action Lawsuit
Against Canidae Pet Food Read More..

08/09 Canidae Pet Food causing pet illness across the US
Read More At Consumer Affairs

Oct. 2008- Mars Petcare issued a voluntary recall

Aug 2008-Pedigree & Costco Pet Food Recall 

Feb. 2008- Nature’s Variety Recall Instinct Chicken Meal Formula Read More...

May 2007- FDA Says at least 4,150 Pet Deaths Reported with this recall alone. Read more...

March 16, 2007- Menu Foods announced a nationwide recall of more than 40 popular brands of pet food. The contaminated products—including well-known brands like IAMS, Canidae, Diamond, Eukanuba, Purina and Science Diet, Blue, Blue Buffalo, Dick Van Pattens Natural Balance,Royal Canin, Nutro, Nutro Max,Nutro Naturals, Costco/Kirkland Signature and many many more—were causing severe, and
often fatal, kidney problems in dogs and cats. Nearly 180 brands of wet and dry food were eventually added to the recall list. The massive multi-brand recalls continue...inexpensive, low quality, imported, contaminated Chinese ingredients to blame for this massive recall affecting several of the most well-known brands in the US. Toxins that were in some cases purposely added to pet foods to artificially inflate protein analysis. Read More...

Dec. 2005- Diamond recalls 18 brands. Over 100 dead, more sick.

2005- Purina Venezuela. Over 400 dogs reported dead.

2003- Recall of Petcurean Go! Natural Pet Food

1999- Doane dog foods including 54 brands made at their facility.

1995- Nature's Recipe

Ever thought about starting your own "Home Based Business" that is STABLE in an unstable economy? Remember we all still feed our pets and we love them so we desire to feed what is safe!
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My name is Shaila Bernard and a Kitten Parent of Desert Willow Cattery.

As far back as I can remember, 5 years old - - almost thirty two years ago I have loved Persian cats.

In 1995, after landing a job in New Hampshire I found a breeder of Persian cats and she had a shaded silver kitten. And he was such a sweetie! I made him into the most loved and spoiled indoor kitten as all of us know and love our babies! I spared no expense when it came to buying teepee's for him to sleep in - - though he often slept in my bed of course! I even checked with vets and breeders to ensure he had the best foods and treats! In those times it was IAMS.

When he was 12 years old he began to drink water constantly. He would still eat and purr and want to be loved but he was always thirsty. The vets all said he was just thirsty and it was nothing to worry about, so I didn’t worry about it. A few months later he started throwing up. Again worried I took him to my Vet and was reassured that this was only hair balls; after all, he was a long haired cat?  And even though there was no hair in what was coming up, they insisted that it was hairballs.

Eventually, he started to lose weight, and would not eat anything and he couldn't’ even use his litter box any longer.  Again I sought out answers through several vets, all suggesting fluids once a week and he could stay alive - -but now the blood work was showing he had kidney failure and it was only a matter of time.  After a two attempt of trying to give him fluids and understanding how much love he had brought me and how much I treasured our sweet years together, I knew how much pain he was in, it was obvious.  I knew in my heart it was time to let him go. I contacted a vet she agreed it was time. So I had his life terminated along with a big piece of my heart.  I know today without a doubt this could have been prevented if I had known the food I was feeding my cats had been on recall.

In my search for another friend to fill this void, I contacted Theresa at Desert Willow and told her my story. She told me about the fillers now in cat & dog foods and how so much is coming in from outside of the country making it impossible to monitor quality.  She also educated me on how bad corn products were for our animals now.  Cancer growing ingredients now wrapped around pretty packaging is the NUMBER 1 Killer of Dogs and Cats!

Securely, I purchased two kittens from Desert Willow Cattery, a Blue Point and a Seal Point. And they get nothing but Life’s Abundance - - cat food, treats and moist food. They also get a spoonful of yogurt a day in the evening –they LOVE it!  They are healthy kittens, happy, and SLIGHTLY spoiled with love.  They have two toy boxes and three or four gyms to exercise on.  My heart is full of joy once again.

I have another cat Sabrina who was a friend to the one I lost fed the same way with the same food until I recently began feeding Life's Abundance.  ONE month after putting down my other cat, Sabrina started going into excessive thirst and throwing up. She will eat some days and others she does not eat at all. The blood tests showed the same systems with her.  I expect by summer I will have to euthanize her also - - she ate the same food until recently. Eventually she will stop eating or not go to the litter box just as my other did.  The damage is already done and it’s only a matter of time now.  How horrible that PET FOOD COMPANIES do not have our “little 4 legged family members” best interest in their hearts as they make food that is suppose to sustain them.  It's tradgic to learn how little my animals mean to these big pet food companies.  They so eloquently teach us to trust them through their meaningful commercials with flowery words -- that now mean nothing to me!   Watch out because these foods are still on the shelves!

My kittens will stay on Life’s Abundance as I don’t want to see another pet that I love go through pain of kidney failure or see their system shut down due to food I BELIEVED was safe and fed it to them myself!

Theresa-- thank you for taking time to “teach” on proper care & nutrition for our animals from a holistic point of view.  I know you believe a healthy balance of both Modern & Holistic medicine is important, but the eye opening side of saying “NO” to our vets is very helpful for future issues that can arise too.  Also for spending so much time on the education of proper nutrition, vaccinations and so many other issues that we can do safely that will not harm them as too many “DRUGS” do for our beloved pets. 

My heart rests knowing my current Cats will live long happy lives full of contentment and happiness.  I know they should live comfortably into their early 20’s!   And when it’s their time to go because of a long lived healthy life, they will pass on dreaming of chasing birds into eternity.

Shaila Bernard

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Holistic Natural Supplements for Dogs and Cats
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