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Greetings Former Flint River Ranch Customers!

As most of you know by now, Flint River Ranch has closed their doors. The reasons are unclear as to how they got themselves into such a depleted state and financial difficulties. I represented them for 10 years and I was kept in the dark as were you, their loyal client base and devoted pet parents.

Recently their president sent out another newsletter stating that they had found an investor and may be re-starting operations. I have heard from many of you that the damage has been done and as for myself I would have trouble recommending their products in the future. I am unsure if the quality of their products would be maintained under new management. Sources and Quality will be under review for a long time to prove they are going to remain who they say they are. I just do not trust them anylonger and they are not allowing a distributorship program when they re-open which does not allow me to keep an eye out on Ingredients and their sources or have any ability to protect all of you.


I have proudly represented Life's Abundance Pet Food for over 10 years and trust the quality of their products and reliability of their service. Life's Abundance has NEVER been recalled and their ingredients and processing methods are top-notch offering not only Probiotics but Prebiotics too.

I have the utmost respect and trust for this company as they have never mishandled their customers and their quality of ingredients has always been superior to anything I could find in even the best pet stores.

Their product testing is far superior as well! 

I will be more than happy to help you find the best product and diet for your pets. 

Many of you have already contacted me and I remain available to assist anyone who needs some options and alternatives to keep their dogs and cats healthy and happy.

Life's Abundance Product Links:

They also offer healthy canned dog and cat food!

o learn more about Life's Abundance, please visit their website or feel free to give me a call.

Please feel free to call me to discuss your concerns or needs. I am here to help.
505-565-5665 MST
Theresa Gorduyn

Senior Distributor - Since 2007


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