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A NOTE from Julee to our New Desert Willow Aussie Puppy Parents!

Hello All,

I just wanted to reach out and tell you congratulations on your new addition. When you get a puppy from Desert Willow, you not only gain a wonderful four-legged family member, but you also gain a great extended family of Aussie lovers and a wonderful support group of people who can share in your experiences. I am excited as well, getting my third DWA puppy from Theresa, out of Raquel/Tucker, who will be coming home in a couple weeks. So, I will be sharing in joys and struggles of raising a puppy right along with you.

If you have not joined Facebook yet, I recommend doing so. It is fun to share stories and see our puppy's litter mates grow up. And please, reach out and friend me, too. If you have any questions on raising your puppy, or if this is your first time owning an Aussie, FB friends can be a great source of support and advice. Also, I am here to if you have specific behavioral or training questions or want help in getting through the first couple puppy months - I offer professional training and support for you. I keep all my rates for my DWA family very affordable because I want everyone to be successful and happy. Theresa and I want "only the best" for everyone which is why we have partnered together.

Again, congratulations and I hope to see lots of Facebook pictures of your beautiful puppies!

Warm Regards,

Julee Samuli
("Raquel" is my new puppy which makes FOUR)
Julee Samuli, ABCDT CBAC
Certified Dog Trainer
Limitless Pawsibilities

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Online Training with Elsa & Tia ~ GREAT JOB!
Limitless Pawsibilities posts updates & training tips often...Follow us! Like us!

We provide you access to our "IN HOUSE" personal dog trainer - Julee Samuli ABCDT, Certified Dog Trainer,"Limitless Pawsibilities” who is an Owner of TWO Desert Willow Aussies and a professional dog trainer. She has trained dogs her entire young adult life and now as a devoted Wife and Mother of two awesome young men, she is a certified specialist in the Herding and Working Breeds. With years of experience she is on-board and already helping many puppy parents with early training issues both in person and by phone & email. She works with our Dog & Puppy Parents across the USA designing personal plans to assist in settling puppies into new homes and helping with specific TRAINING issues that occur (covering every aspect or challenge in raising our Aussies into adulthood). Special Package Pricing is in place to make this affordable for anyone who obtains a Desert Willow Puppy. Julee Samuli actually "Holds the hands and Hearts" of so many of our Puppy Parents. She is as detailed in her training as I am in Breeding. I've not worked with anyone like her! We cannot wait to introduce her to you and bless you too!

A neat FUN Video of Julee Playing with her dogs - Click Here

We did it!!!!! Doc got his NW1 title today! Scored 100% on all elements - vehicle, exterior, interior and container. And as an added bonus, he placed third in the interior search for 3rd fastest time. So proud of my BooBoo! They hid odor in a pen for crying out loud, but Doc was on it! Yeah!
Congratulations DWA's Doc Holiday on NW1!

Check out more of her two DWA's in this fun Video...

Julee havin FUN with her DWA Aussies!

Desert Willows "Echo"

Desert Willows "Doc Holiday"

Julee Samuli called with excitement after watching this Video commentmented by saying:
"What an awesome Puppy, he is doing everything right!"

Julee Samuli ABCDT, Certified Dog Trainer, Limitless Pawsibilities”
Murray has only been in his new home for ONE WEEK when this was taped. His owners had us keep
him for an extra month to continue our focused socialization process ,along with crate & playpen training.
No matter what the children did, Murray reacted beautifully!

Author RS Guthrie has written a special teaching for our Sunday Morning
Reunion Service. "God through the eyes of a Dog - An interview with Bandit"

Click Here to Read this wonderful work!

Enjoy a Fun Smile Box from Desert Willow's Very own Diane - Diane's Smile Box
Sit back and enjoy the LOVE!


This side of the "Rainbow Bridge" and "SAVING OMAR" and The Sara Overcash story and

Dozens of Desert Willow Australian Shepherd's extended family members from across the nation
came together to help turn a tragedy into triumph

Theresa Gorduyn/Desert Willow Aussies, have created the unthinkable - a community. When you get one of her puppies, you are getting SO much more than a cute, cuddly little ball of fur. You not only get Theresa's support with any questions you may have, you get the fellowship and friendship of other Desert Willow Aussie Puppy owners through her personal Facebook "gone straight to the dogs", you actually gain a whole new circle of friends.

When our aging dog, Sammie, was almost 16 I contacted Theresa about her puppies and I told her that I wasn't ready yet, but I wanted to begin to think about another dog when our beloved Sammy was gone. She told me to just friend her on Facebook and watch the puppies that she posts, and that I did! Then the unthinkable happened...Sammie started having seizures, and Theresa was the first one that I called in tears. Somehow she knew just the right thing to say to me, and then she said, I'm going to put "you know who" on hold for you... (A puppy that I had fallen in love with from Marilyn Monroe & Audie Murphy). We lost Sammy shortly after that call and my heart was broken, but 9 days later I had my little ball of fur "Obie" in my arms, and he was able to ease our pain.

Theresa suggests to all her Desert Willow puppy parents to friend her and on FB, to join in on the conversations and activity going on and somehow through sharing this "love of Aussies" we all have and all the pictures of our pups, I have experienced true friendships and support.

I often chat with so many wonderful people on FB and have even spoke directly to some wonderful women I've met through the Kennel on FB, who've taken time out of their busy day to call me at home to help me out with a challenge I'm facing with my Obie. They have become what I call "Friends"....

If I were ever to travel through Texas, Colorado, or New Mexico, I would just know I can stop by and visit. Then I stop myself and say, "wait, you haven't even met this person"...but it sure feels like I know them personally!

I consider Theresa one of my friends, as I'm sure there are LOTS of other DWA parents who do the same. I would definitely adopt a second Aussie from Desert Willow Aussies.

Barb Haley

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