Fund for the Loss of:
Desert Willow's Tuesday Weld

Sarah recently lost her beloved Australian Shepherd to a horrible accident. It was the kind of accident that can cause loss of sleep, knots in our tummies and nightmares for a very long time.

Sarah did what she does everyday with her precious "Tuesday" who loves to run, play and interact with their livestock by taking her to the barn to attend to their daily chores. Tuesday's routine was to run beside the truck as Sarah drove to the barn. But on this day Tuesday decided to duck out of view of Sarah who knew in an instant that it was too late as she felt her tires run over her very own heart.

Her tears and pain when we received her phone call was enough to make a total stranger cry. Together we shed many tears as I attempted to comfort her and assure her it was a horrible accident, and a lesson to remind us that no matter how well trained these dogs are, or how intelligent, they are still "dogs" that are designed to chase with reasoning skills that are not like humans. They do have their limitations, please remember. It just takes one mistake, rabbit, cat or another dog and they are no match for a vehicle. Sarah asked me to remind everyone of this so that you do not have to go through what she is going through today. These dogs are bred to trust their humans beyond what I've ever known. It is my belief that they just know that we would never hurt them, so Tuesday may not have worried about the truck because she just believes Sarah would never harm her, not realizing that the truck could!

We have been getting many requests to start a fund for Sarah. We have been blessed over the years with many of you continuing to ASK to give to someone else. I am always amazed and blown away by this.

If you want to read other stories visit our Testimonials Click here! link to read about from families who've benefited from this act of kindness over the years. I am so very honored to know all of you and thank you in advance for your generosity and willingness to "pay it forward" for someone else. T

We are no longer accepting donations for Sarah's new Pup. Thank you to all who donated, Sarah is very much at peace and in love again with her new puppy from our Desert Willow Aussie Family!

Desert Willow Holistic Pets

Att: Sarah Overcash fund

We will be posting all of the donations here on this page so you can check in and see where we are at with the total collected. I will post this link on the Home page of our website, so please check back there often. I will post this on Facebook from time to time to let you all know where we are at!

Blessings to you all! T

I am still in shock for both losing Tuesday and her being gone forever and Rowena actually being my dog from all of you! Thanks to everyone that has contributed to me for the biggest loss and love of my life! I'm speechless! You are so kind. I pray God will continue to bless all of you and all of our DWA Aussie FAMILY!

Sarah Tillet Overcash


Hey and Hello to my Desert Willow Family, I hope all is well with you all of you out there and with Mel, Therese and the Kids at Desert Willow Aussie's!

I want you to know that people who have seen Savannah cannot believe how mellow she is!  Savannah is growing and so smart and of course learning more every day!  She is so good about going potty, and I cannot believe how good she is doing!  I think we have had only 2 accidents in the last week inside the house and only because I didn't get her out in time.  She is sooooo much on a schedule which is perfect and yes squats on command as soon as I say "hurry up!"

Savannah is sooooo sweet and cute and I love her to death and can't thank you guys enough for this precious gift! 
Love ya,  
Sarah :) 

On September 10, 2009 Sarah Overcash received her GIFT from our
Desert Willow Aussie Family.

Desert Willow's Roweena

Thank you all for putting a smile back into Sarah's heart! - T



Desert Willow Holistic Pets
We are all hurting with you Sarah...T

Rob & Amy Guthrie
Two Beautiful Aussie's - a Gorgeous Female and a Dashing Male!
Our hearts are so broken over this, T. We hope this helps in getting Sarah a new wiggle-butt angel!! Rob and Amy

Steve & Lisa McKinley
Two Dashing Boys from us - Soon THREE!
Dear Theresa, It's not alot, but I hope it's helpful! Blessings to you!

Diane Campagnone-Butenas
Two Wonderful Aussie's from us
We are so very saddened by this news. My sincerest and heartfelt condolences go out to Sarah for the loss of her Aussie girl. It may seem impossible now, but I pray that she will find comfort in all the time she was able to share with her beautiful pup. Love and hugs to you Sarah. The power of the sweet Lord, the DW family and the gift of a new puppy is an amazing experience, and brings upon so many emotions: joy, profound gratitude, love, and healing, just to name a few. I want Sarah to feel all these things as I did when all of you so graciously and lovingly cradled me and my family after our loss of my sweet Coda.

James & Stephanie O'Connell
One gorgeous Boy Aussie from us!
I am sure another Desert Willow Aussie will help mend your broken heart. This is a gift from our heart to yours. James & Stephanie

Manny & Jacque Pereira
Two Big Wonderful Boys from us!
Love & Hugs for your loss. Manny & Jacque

Steve & Rachel Bergman
One full of sweetness from us!
My Husband and I are hopeful that this will help to heal your pain. I cannot even imagine the depth of your broken heart. Blessings to you Sarah - Steve & Rachel

Jennifer Davis Childress
One stunning female from us!
We would like to donate towards Sarah's new Poochie (Rowena). Hopefully this will go a little way toward bringing her joy home again. - Jennifer

Tyson & Bridgett Ornelas - Schweinfurt, Germany
Two Wonderful Aussie's - a Female & Male from us!
Sarah, I want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. I cried when we heard what happened and could not even imagine the pain of your loss. This is the least that we can do and I hope that Rowena brings you great joy in this time of loss. God Bless you! The Ornelas Family

The Kelly Family
A handsome boy named Scout from us!
Theresa, I'm so glad you're doing this for Sarah. The loss of any beloved Aussie is beyond words. I wish you the best with your new puppy Sarah and I hope this puppy will just bless your socks off! T
racy, Alyssa, and Scout too!

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