Michelle Kodis

Michelle & the late Violet - Michelle & Sheena

DWA & BRA Puppy Parents - We are accepting donations
for "ShowTime" as a GIFT to Michelle for the unfair loss
of "Sheena" (Matterhorn)

>>>>VIDEO - Skyla turns ONE year old!!!<<<<

Michelle made this Smile Box "from Sheena" and sent it to us last night (the night before Sheena
left earth to bless in Heaven with her brave heart). We are certain she fell pray to a Mountain Lion
and in my heart I know Sheena thought the big Cat was her friend.

On this same day Michelle buried her 8 year old Guinea Pig (they only live like 4 years, but she loved it to life for 8 full years whom I've actually held as they brought her here for us to meet) and recently buried her 14 year old Violet (above) and now must suffer the loss of 10 week old Sheena.
We love you Michelle...

Click Here to see the Smile Box

A message from Michelle:

To the amazing friends who helped me through the tragic, senseless loss of Sheena and toward the amazing gift of Skyla, my gratitude can hardly be expressed with words, it fills every corner of my heart and soul. I am speechless at the generosity of those I know and those I've never even met. Sheena's life was beautiful and short. The mountain lion that took her has been destroyed after killing others' pets, and for that I am thankful that no other animals are in this kind of danger. Many have asked why I chose Skyla as a name. In my rage and despair and anger and guilt, I was only able to calm myself by looking up at the cloudless blue sky. It helped me to breathe, to see beyond my own pain into a greater universe and purpose. The pain is still deep, but Skyla (which means "shield" and "shelter") is helping me to heal. She is much different from Sheena in her personality. She is a true mama's girl. I will protect her with my life. Theresa Gorduyn and her family and the members of her kennel, (Rich, Brett) who were there to see me through that black day are forever in my debt. Those who have written to me privately, who have called, who have sent flowers and brought food...I will do anything for you, day or night. To be a part of Theresa kennel operation is a miraculous gift. My love for all of you knows no bounds. It is as wide as the sky. With my eternal love, Michelle (PS: more photos to come, including Skyla enjoying her first experience with snow, and a very special Smilebox honoring all of you.)

A Video of Skyla & Renzo....She's a herdin dawg! http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=2135256057858

Instructions to Donate:

11/02/2011 - We are NO LONGER accepting Donations on ShowTime. She is paid in full! Thank you DWA

10/29/2011 - Update: We are just a bit over 200.00 away from collecting enough - Thank you! I know of at least 3 more that have written to tell me that they are sending funds. Will let you know...T

To email Michelle direct: michellekodis@yahoo.com or Facebook her!

Read about "Blue Sky"

"ShowTime" aka SKYLA
Black Tri Female
New Folks: Rich & Michelle - Ridgway, Colorado

11/02/2011 - We are NO LONGER accepting Donations on ShowTime. She is paid in full!

10/29/2011 - Update: We are just a bit over 200.00 away from collecting enough - Thank you! I know of at least 3 more that have written to tell me that they are sending funds. Will let you know...T

10/26/2011 - Update: Michelle and Skyla are doing wonderfully! She is home and come to find out, Skyla is not as independent as Sheena was (which is actually a good thing) because she wants to be with Michelle continually. Sheena and Renzo (their Golden) were at each-other continually and Sky is all about Michelle. So thankful that Sky is more of a Mama's Girl and exactly what Michelle needed to heal. How awesome this all works out in the end. Thank you again everyone who has given Michelle and Rich this gift. It's truly a GIFT that words cannot express...

10/24/2011 - Update: After a long drive out, our family was finally able to hug Michelle. Susan Boyd and I met to bring Showtime back with me. We then surprised Michelle as I picked her up from the Hotel. Mel, Travis & Julianna took Show Time "Skyla" to the restaurant ahead of us to set up the introduction. Michelle was not certain she could face our family and feels that she has let not only them/us down, but the kennel family as a whole. She was taking all the responsibility for the loss of Sheena which is why she took her Facebook down. I did not tell her that my family would not stand to not see and hug her.

At the restaurant, Mel and the kids brought showtime out of the van and Michelle because to weep as she held Skyla's face, touching her in a way that I cannot describe. Maybe to feel close to Sheena one last time as she nuzzled her sister. Michelle said she could see Sheena in her facial features, but Skyla is much bigger. Both were nervous to meet each-other and it was sweet and a wonderful meeting.

Michelle is now on her way home to Colorado with a new bundle of love to help her heal. I spent a nice evening with her after dinner here at our home with puppies and Skyla. I stayed the night with her at her hotel and we chatted and giggled for a couple of hours. Both of us needed it and the sleep was peaceful at the end of the night.

Michelle's Husband Rich called me this morning while I was in the dining room on the Hotel Computer. He let us know that the Wildlife Animal folks had tracked and killed the young lioness that killed Sheena. There were many attacks in this 24 hour spree including a Lama, deer injuries and sightings in neighboring homes. Rich and Michelle live in a heavily populated Mountain Lion area and have for years with no problems because game is plentiful (and still is). Something was different about this Lion, she did not kill to eat, she just killed. She had to be destroyed.

I think about Sheena and how much Michelle loved her and cannot help but be thankful that Michelle did not encounter this Lioness. I very much believe she would have been in danger because the Lion was doing her killing in the daylight (which for Mountain Lions was reckless). Mountain Lions hunt at night and typically avoid populated areas and humans. They also take their pray and eat, not just kill and leave it.

At the end of this, I just cannot help but give thanks to my Lord for the safety of my friend. Knowing her as I do, I believe she would have tackled that lion if she had been there seeing her sweet Sheena in trouble and we might not have her here either. At the end of this nightmare is the beautiful group of people in this kennel I can honestly call friends. I see your love for her and you know what? So does Michelle. And from people she has never had to honor to meet in person. Michelle is a giver, and has a hard time with being on the other side as a receiver. This has just blown her and Rich away, and it all happened in a Kennel full of Aussie Lovers.

10/23/2011 - Michelle is driving right now from Colorado to the Desert Willow. She is deeply upset and needs to get away. I will go to the Ranch today and pick up Show Time and give her to Michelle today. She blames herself for the loss of Sheena ( totally understand), yet we all know that life is not always fair. I truly believe God did not allow Show Time to be placed because she was on hold for Michelle for this very moment. Michelle has had a connection to Show Time all along and even contacted her own friends about this one. Now Michelle is going to take Show Time home thanks to all of you.

We will let you know when we've collected the full amount on this page and I thank you in advance for not only blessing Rich and Michelle, but for allowing me to see God work through all of you...Thank you. T

Donations received:

Louise Ducote, Debbie Booth, Monica Fullerton, Kara Allman, Jennifer Childress, Grant Winovich

Miles Davis, Marion Zachary, Rick & Rosie Navarrette, Pia Florenzano, Todd & Diane Butenas,

Mark & Beth Navalta, Kurt & Shauna Faessler, Barbara Haley, Kathy Bremmer, Theresa Gorduyn,

Barbara Robins, Terry & Debbie Daniels, Jacque & Manny Pereira, Cathy Palme, Julee Samuli.....

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