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Desert Willow Aussies ~ 2013 1st Reunion Event

Saturday June 29, 2013 ~ Success ~ See you in 2016!


Friday Night Pictures: CLICK HERE

Saturday June 29, 2013 - Festival Day: CLICK HERE

Sunday Service & Train Ride: CLICK HERE


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"FESTIVAL DAY" at The Elkhorn Lodge ~ Chama, New Mexico!

Open to the Public to enjoy our dogs - Come on out for a Dog~Gone GREAT Time...

Saturday June 29, 2013 - Festival Day Pictures: CLICK HERE


Desert Willow Aussies provides Double Registered AKC & ASCA purebred Austrailian Shepherds.
We support "Spay & Neuter" of all our adopted Dogs. We have an in-house program to
"RE-HOME" any DWA Aussie who has a living situation change and needs a new home to "forever live in".
We are proud we have no Desert Willow Aussies in the Pound or Shelter. We are Responsible Breeders.

A portion of proceeds will be Donated to:
"The Chama Valley Animal Humane Society"
Serving Northern New Mexico

We encourage you to Support The Humane Society "Foster to Adopt" Program


The Chama Valley Humane Society was founded in 1998. Our mission is to provide no-kill solutions to reduce the population of homeless cats and dogs by sponsoring a spay and neuter program for companion pets and feral cats, working with regional shelters and foster homes to rehabilitate and rehome animals, and educating those in the community we serve about responsible pet ownership.
We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization supported entirely through private donations, memberships, fundraising, and grants.

We serve a 600 square mile area of northern Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. We do not have a shelter--all rescued animals are
fostered locally until they can be adopted or transferred to other, preferably no- or low-kill shelters.

Don't forget to Support The Humane Society Foster to Adopt Program

Early - Saturday Morning ~ "Sunrise Hike"- Heron Lake

To view the website click here

Where's Siscily-Blog Spot

A Local Guide for the Hike will show us the secret beauty of the area - Birds, Wildlife and More!
Siscily was a Park Ranger at Heron Lake for years prior to her Kayak Rental. She specialized in staging
special events and nature interpretation. She has also published a guide book for the area titled
"The Chama Valley Guide to Quiet Recreation" which suggests many hikes in the region as well
as all forms of non-motorized based recreation (bird watching, swimming, fishing, wild-flowering, etc)
She reminds us that this time of the year there are pesky insect known as "no-see-ums" which is a fact
of life there and we need to be protected from them! They will be joining us so PLEASE get
in touch with Jackie Ross on a natural Spray Remedy from doTERRA.
She will tell us what tools (ie spray bottle - etc) to bring to mix it up!

Saturday ~ 12:00 Noon to 4:30 pm - June 29, 2013
"FESTIVAL DAY" at The Elkhorn Lodge!

Saturday June 29, 2013 - Festival Day Pictures: CLICK HERE

Open to the Public - Free to hang out with us - Come JOIN US For a Dog~gone GREAT Time... Woof!

Tons of stuff to do with our dogs and many Special Guests....Music, Food & Shopping!
Obedience Workshops....Dancing Dogs ~ Flying Frisbee Dogs ~ Flyball Dogs
~ Dog Games ~ Dog Activities
~ Indian Dancers ~ Ya just gotta experience a DOG GONE GOOD TIME!!!

Festival Day
~ Jon Sanders to perform and teach Frisbee with Bono & Trendy!

To read more about Bono & Trendy click here

And..... MEET Desert Willow's Bono the Wonder Dog - The Fastest Recorded Australian Shepherd on the Planet
in the sport of Flyball and a DWA! Come see a demo of Bono in action!
This is an exciting sport for all dogs.
Jon Sanders is a gifted trainer in Flyball and Frisbee and will be available to guide you to train your dogs too!

Festival Day ~ Special appearance by T. Jean Cappel and wonder dog Shrek!

We'll be taking a break from performing Freestyle Dancing and Agility at Summer Adventures in Fair Park so that we can spend the weekend with new friends in Chama at the DWA Reunion. We are not an Aussie family, but we'll be on hand to perform and help others who are interested in Freestyle Dancing, Obedience, Agility and Flyball. Along for the ride are my husband, Richard (Santa below) and our 3 doggies, Shrek the Ogre Achiever (pictured on my shoulders), Psycho Iko (clearing a flyball jump) and Latte (alias "Lambo" - in front of an agility tire). All are Freestyle Dancers and hold Flyball and Agility titles. I've participated in and taught classes in all of the above mentioned sports and performed at a number of venues including the State Fair of Texas. I'm the former Training Director for the Dallas Obedience Training Club (DOTC) and am currently the Demonstration Coordinator for the Dallas Agility Working Group (DAWG). I hold current membership in DAWG, the Musical Dog Sports Association (MDSA), Heart of Texas Therapy Dogs (HOTTH) and Therapy Dogs Incorporated (TDI). We are looking forward to meeting all of you.

A Note from Jon Sanders: DWA family, TC & Richard are very good friends of ours. Bono, Trendy & Edge race flyball with their dogs. We will be traveling together like always. DWA families welcome them & yes Texas is coming to the DWA reunion.

Festival Day ~ Jodi Sanders will perform Free Style Dance with both Bono & Trendy

You don't want to miss the ART of Music & Dance with Desert Willow Aussies!

To read more about Bono & Trendy click here

Festival Day ~ Our In-House Trainer Julee Samuli has awesome activities planned!

Desert Willow Aussies Official In-House Trainer and owner of 2 DWA's and LOVED by all of us!
She's planning some really awesome Dog Games and will introduce us to another exciting "Aussie Activity" for Dog & Owner

Julee Samuli, ABCDT CBAC, Certified Dog Trainer, Certificate in Canine Assessment and Counseling,
Behavior Counseling, and Pet First Aid and CPR Certified
Click here to view her website

Festival Day ~ Jicarilla Apache Nation will perform for us at Elkhorn Lodge...

Open to the Public! No Charge to hang out with us!

Festival Day ~ Faye Condit, Owner of Desert Willow's Sadie
Will debut & demonstrate her original design: Sadies 8 in 1 Security Leash

Her inspiration was motivated by the desire to have better control when walking her Desert Willow Aussie.
Faye began designing a lead system that became noticed and now will be sold at Pet Stores across the country later
this year. A picture of our own Desert Willow's Sadie will be going home with every Leash sold across the USA.
We are excited to announce we will be the first to see her "Sadies 8 in 1 Security Leash"
So proud of you Faye & Sadie!

Festival Day ~ Wrenne Saunders

Wrenne is Desert Willows go to Holistic Doctor for the dogs with all kinds of issues. She runs tests on the hair and can be a great support to your Holistic Vet and/or Regular Vet to help find a remedy for Allergies, Cancer, Seizures, Digestive Issues and the list goes on. She is totally amazing! She works her gift on both Humans and Pets...She will have her equipment with her for our event!
Always serving our Kennel at a discounted price...She will be wth us all weekend...

Click here to view her website

Note from WRENNE: Hi to all you wonderful Desert Willow Aussie dog lovers:
My name is Dr. Wrenne Saunders. I have been in natural healing for over 30 years, not only with humans, but with dogs and horses as well.
I love what I do and get great results. I also work in conjunction with Vets and MDs if necessary. Over the years I have found that humans
and animals aren’t that much different in getting sick and healing. I address the same four categories for healing in humans and animals:
dietary, emotional/spiritual, environmental, and genetic. And of course always check for parasites, toxins, minerals, industrial pollutants, etc.
I have worked with just about everything out there, and still love learning. Time has also taught me that a healthy diet and low stress will keep the majority of humans and animals well. I have also have discovered that natural medicine works as well, if not better than allopathic medicine; however, sometimes the two work together wonderfully. It is important to understand that antibiotics usually subvert the body’s natural process of expelling toxins. Because of special equipment, I am able to go into the human or animal body and find out specifically what bacteria, virus, or fungus is causing the problem, imprint it in a homeopathic , and use it as an antibiotic, with no side effects.
I am truly excited about meeting each and everyone of you in Chama, and working with you in the future.

Festival Day ~ Our In-House Essential Oil Specialist Jackie Ross will be there!

doTERRA - Everythng about Essential Oils - CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade
Jackie Ross is an owner of Two Desert Willow Aussies and our own "doTERRA Specialist"
jrosshealingoils@gmail.com ~ www.mydoterra.com/essentialoilshealinggift

Essential Oils for Dogs
Essential Oils for Cats
To learn more about Essential Oils for Humans visit the Resource website
Or call her direct with questions: 505.615.4985
She is our own "Hank Cowdog" https://www.facebook.com/hank.cowdog.3

Note: When using the Essential Oil Rosemary, NEVER put pure oil directly onto your Dog or Cat. Use only 2 drops is directly onto your pet collar.
Never allow Pets to ingest this oil or use any essential oil on your pet without seeking advise from a professional.

Festival Day ~ Meet Travelin' Jack & Jill Lane our "New Mexico Pet Travel Specialist!"

To read more about Travelin Jack Click here
New Mexico's Roving Bulldog Reporter, Award winning Dog-Author, Award Winning Pet Travel Specialist &
New Mexico's Dog-Governor (and personal friend of DWA Augustas McCrae & Peedie)

Travelin Jack will be available for a very special book signing and don't forget to ask him for a KISS!
Portions of the proceeds will go directly to the Chama Valley Humane Society Foster to Adopt Program...

Get Pup-ared for Summer with Travelin Jack

Lisa Gunner

Read her Story here CLICK HERE!

To see a Sneek Peak of her first Moments with Lucy (our Gift from Desert Willow to Lisa)
Friday Night Pictures :

We're planning to celebrate"Gunners" life (Lisa's Aussie) as she lost him in March 2013 to Epilepsy.
Come join us in bringing new life to Lisa from all of you!
New Dog provided by the "Kodiak & Rocky Fund"

Festival Day Music

The kids....Travis, Julianna and friend

Sunday Morning ~ We gather to take our Dogs on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad!

Sunday Service & Train Ride Pictures: CLICK HERE

First time in history to allow dogs to ride the train ~ "that's cuz we're special"....
View a Video on our "Pride of the Rockies"

All day Train Ride with our Aussies!
Also a Gourmet Box Lunch and Picnic waiting for us on the other end..
The Public is welcome to ride with us and enjoy our dogs too!

Omar is not longer a "Little Goober" - He is a big boy now!

Click Here to read his story...

Grandma Dee Dee has not been well and will not be able to attend but the "however" is our Family is going to bring Omar!
Because our DWA Kennel pulled together he is still alive and with us.

Author RS Guthrie has written a special teaching for our Sunday Morning
Reunion Service. "God through the eyes of a Dog - An interview with Bandit"

Click Here to Read his wonderful writing!

RS Guthrie was not able to attend, but he was with us in spirit as he prepared this thought provoking interview for us to share on Sunday Morning.

Our own R S Guthrie and his beautiful wife Amy are Owners of 3 Desert Willow Aussies, will be doing a special Sunday Morning Service during breakfast and a book signing on Festival Day.

Read: Ashley Barron: Author Interview ~ RS Guthrie Blog - Robonwriting.com

_ _
Want to Read?
His book, Blood Land, has been selected as a Finalist in the Wise Bear Book Awards.

Our Saturday & Sunday morning breakfast will be sponsored by:
"The Chama Valley Humane Society"

They are known for providing a wonderful spread of tasty breakfast favorites
for groups like ours to fundraise for their "Foster Based" Rescue Organization.

Cost? Donation

ALL Breakfast proceeds go to directly to the Chama Valley Animal Humane Society
supporting Northern New Mexico!

Sunday Night ~ Nothin fancy, just an evening full of fun and Food for our group.
Enjoy an outdoor Chuck Wagon Banquet together as we honor all of YOU!

Here's what we're rustlin' up for you:

** Tender Foot's Slow Cooked BBQ Beef Brisket
** Bronc Bustin Baked Potato - Vegetarian
** Cowboy Beans - Vegetarian
**Crisp Chaparral Salad & Dressings - Vegetarian
** Cattle Drive Corn on the Cob - Vegetarian
** Old Time Stampede Spice Cake
** Rustler's Coffee, Tea, Lemonade & Water
** Cash Bar Saloon - Beer & Wine

Sunday Night ~ TePee ~ S'mores ~ Music = Yum & Fun!

Our own Jim Kirkland (with Hakan) will play camp-fire music for us!

MONDAY July 1st ~ Optional Acitivity for your whole family (dogs too!) Kayaking..

Click here to view their website

A note from Siscily: Excited to have Desert Willow group with us and wanted to let you know a bit about us. 
My business is small,  I have 4 single and 2 tandem sit-on-top kayaks as well as 2 canoes. My husband is 6'2";
his dog is 55 lbs and does well.  Clients with larger  dogs have rented tandems and do well.  I have one
"Outward Hound" life jacket suitable for a mid-sized dog, I maybe able to borrow 3 more for the event as long as
we | get per-registrations so I know to get them.  This is a holiday weekend and we will be busy, so please let 
Theresa know you are joining us so we have set aside what you need for your group. I provide the Boats,
Paddles, Life Jackets for Humans and delivery & pick-up of the boats.

MONDAY July 1st ~ Optional for your whole family. Horseback Ride!

Click here to view their website
A "Dog-less" Acitivity - Includes Picnic Lunch - Doggie day-care will be provided.

Our Family - Mel, Theresa, Travis & Julianna

Click here to visit our website
We're bring two, three or more Aussie's with us...Ya just have to wait and see who we bring?


DWA Reunion Event Home Page  

This is the overview of where we are staying and where to book your Rooms
this does not include the registration for the event.


Time to get ready!

What do we need for our trip?



    They will have Kids Crafts, Games, Skits, Fast Draw Demo's & Wagons on display.

    Desert Willow Reunion Group will meet up at the Friday night "Street Dance" starting at 5:00 PM
    at the train station to enjoy an evening of Music and Dance...

    Click Here to visit the website
    Click on a picture above and learn more about this event. Sounds like Chama, New Mexico is the place to be~!
    Rio Arriba Stuntmen's Association is a group of dedicated historical reenactors and actors. Education through reenactment is the purpose of our annual event, Territotial Days. Members represent Chama, New Mexico and the surrounding Southern Rocky Mountains and Northern New Mexico.

    Louise Ducote

    Louise & her family have 3 Aussies from DWA and a "Kennel" favorite & friend to so many. Her clever blog "Hair of the Dogs" is our new addiction. She's the FRIEND we all need to remind us of everyday reality in victory and/or challenges and has a wonderful way to make us all laugh about it. We had hoped to show case her at this event, however a Wedding is calling her away. She is a wonderful Writer, Friend, Wife, Mother & Puppy Parent. Mel and I adore this family, and even though it did not work out for her to join us,
    she is a HUGE part of Desert Willow Aussies...Take a peek at her Blog "Hair of the Dogs".



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