Australian Shepherd History, Genetics, Questions & Answers...

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Aussie Breed Standard Wonderfully helpful information.
AKC - American Kennel Club
ASCA - Australian Shepherd Club of America
ASCA - Special Recognition Sires and Dams
ASCA - Is an Aussie for You?
ASCA - Show Standard
USASA - United States Australian Shepherd Association
ARPH - Aussie Rescue and Placement Helpline
Second Time Around - Aussie Rescue Inc.
Aussie FAQ's - Frequently Asked Aussie Questions & Info
Coloration of Australian Shepherds - A fascinating lesson in Aussie Colors...
Australian Shepherd's Health & Genetics Institute - Good information on responsible breeding!
Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Information and Pictures - Love those pictures!
Aussie Information - From Wikipedia
Australian Shepherd - - Great questions and answers.
Australian Shepherd History - Excellent education on Foundations & History
Herding on the Web - More Aussie History
Australian Shepherd Educational Site
Aussie Genes - Epilepsy Network
Let's Talk - Breeders Guide & insights
Australian Shepherd Lovers Library - News Letters and Articles
The Working Aussie Source - Online Working Aussie Resource
New Mexico Aussie Shows - Show Schedule
New Mexico Aussie Show Schedule

Aussie Health and Genetics Must Read!
Animal Health Tests - DNA Kits
PennHip - How to find a PennHip Certified Vet in your area
HSF4 Test Info and Test Kits Manditory for Breeding Dogs
Australian Shepherd Eye Diseases and Problems, CERF, ACVO, Cataract ... Pelger Huet (Pha) Health Links; General Health FAQ; Toxins and Poisons. Human Foods ... Anatomy of the Eye

Herbal Remedies for Dogs & Cats

  • Bladder & Urinary Tract - Diabetes - Breathing - Chest/Cough
  • Cleansing - Coat & Skin - Constipation - Cuts & Scratches
  • Detox - Digestion - Digestion (Parasite Dr.™)
  • Digestion (Parvo-K™) - Disobedience - Ears
  • Energy - Eyes - Flatulence/Gas - Fleas - Furballs
  • Gums & Teeth - Heart & Circulation - Immunity & Liver
  • Immunity (C-Caps™) - Immunity (ViPro Plus™) - Kidneys
  • Lactation/Nursing - Liver - Loose Stool - Lungs/Respiration
  • Muscles & Joints - Neurological (EaseSure™) - Oral Health
  • Paws - Performance - Sadness & Pining - Prostate - Recovery
  • Sinuses - Skin Fungus - Stress & Calming - Tear Stains - Teething
  • Thyroid - Ticks - Travel - Weight Management


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