One-Week Training Course
Annie January 2009

From: Desert Willow's Reata & Boyd Ranch Spur
Kennel Name: Stardust


  1. Annie is highly intelligent.  She trained faster than all dogs I have owned or trained over the last 40 years, except for the Dobby I owned.  Even faster and better than Mona!
  2. Annie loves to work, loves to please.
  3. Annie thrives on praise, which made my method of dog training very effective for her.
  4. Annie is very good with other dogs, can be aggressive if needed.
  5. Annie loves ladies and therefore trains well by females.
  6. Annie has competed the One Week Training Course with flying colors A+++
  7. Annie moved into advanced obedience on day 4 and 5.  She performs all basic obedience commands off line. 
  8. Annie bonded to me quickly, because of the relationship, my trust in her was high.  Therefore, I moved to test her off line in the community on day 2!  She did perfect.
  9. Annie is a thinking dog.  She often will try to second-guess my move.  Try to keep all skills working differently and mix it up.  Don’t let her get away with second-guessing you, the Leader.  Her skills are great for herding.
  10. Annie hates sitstays because she loves to work, but she will do a sit stay for 30 minutes without moving.
  11. When working with Annie keep your voice low key, quiet and pleasant.  I worked with Annie quietly and used mainly hand signals. 
  12. Annie is easily wounded if a harsh voice is used.  Because of this, her spirit could easily be broken.  Advice: stay patient, stay loving but firm.  No need to use a loud voice.
  13. Annie corrects easily with the Training Collar when needed.  Most of the time I use a voice command correction. 
  14. When working with Annie, keep it fun. 
  15. Work on making Annie obey, such as a sitstay, in distractful situations. 
  16. Annies leash work is impeccable.  She understands TO FAR when off line.  You can go anywhere with her off line.
  17. Annies eye contact is fabulous, which makes her easy to train.  She is listening and attentive to her Leader.
  18. Annies house manners are incredible.  Completely obedient in every single area.
  19. When Annie first arrived, she was very barky during play.  I worked on teaching her the NO BARK command and now she is very perfect.  She barks when it’s necessary but understands to stop when commanded.


All in all, you have one incredible dog.  A real prize.  I will miss Annie more than any dog I have ever worked with.  Thank you for giving me the privilege to train your Annie.  I will miss both of your dogs so very much.  Gods richest blessings on you guys as you prepare to go down a new path.  You will be missed.  Please do stop in when you are in this neck of the woods!  Thanks for all the trust you have placed in me with your dogs through Doggy Day Care/Boarding and Training.  The privilege has been all mine.  



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