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No more Donations are being accepted - But Thank YOU!!!

05-30-2011 We just posted some new pictures of our sweet "MONKEY PUPPY" Omar. For such a little puppy, his will to be a "NORMAL" puppy is all in place. He can "throw down" with the rest of them, no matter how big or small he stands tall or taller when the need arises. He will not "give it up" to anyone (Much like his Grandpa Kodiak). He is exceedingly smart and I'd like to use the word "Gifted" in the area of intelligence just like his Grandma Grace Kelly. He can be taught anything. He loves all of us as his own. I was worried he would forget me with the devotion he has to Grandma Dee Dee, but that is not the case. He runs over to me everytime I'm around. He is welcoming and loving and has his routine with us. He never EVER takes his adoring eyes off of Grandma Dee Dee. His job in life is Her. Her job in his life is HIM. They are a perfect fit. Enjoy the photo's above...

05-10-2011 Omar is thriving far more then we could have ever hoped. I've been overly concerned about him (of course) so I placed him into the Care of Grandma Dee Dee Gorduyn and Grandpa Elmo while we are moving and it looks like I may not get him back. When they share about him (both with a big grin on their faces) the main event that happens is "IF ONE ISN'T HOLDING HIM THE OTHER IS" Grandpa Elmo has been totally in-love with Kodiak for some time now. When he is here working at our new place, he and Kodiak are an item. So now Grandpa and Grandma are caring for Kodiak's Grandson. Omar is deeply in-love with them too, and it's obvious when he is continually sleeping on their shoes when it's nap time.

I saw him this weekend for Mothers Day and he knew exactly who I was. He ran to me and jumped right into my lap and camped as he's always done. He is very loved and I want you to all know this! Our entire family (including extended, Kennel and otherwise) has become smitten with Omar. He has a way about him that is just something that needs to be seen and experienced. He is still very small. We think about 7lbs, but will confirm this at his well check at the end of the month. He absolutely LOVES his Medicines and NuVet Vitamins. It's the funniest thing! He sits in the chair and waits for the syringe full of "goo" both the Liver Sups and the Iron/Vitamin sups. When he gets it, he is still wanting more! He enjoys his Vitamin carefully destroying it and vacuuming up every bit! I fed him his mush while he was here and he and Peedie raced to see who could get to the bottom of the bowl first! He is very LEGGY, but his Fur is coming in now. He is not as bony and has a little belly on him now. Still looks like a little Doe. He gets tired very quickly and naps often. I went to get Sarita to ship her to Joseph Heyser FINALLY, and gave her a bath at Grandma Dee Dee's and decided to give Omar one too. He was so exhausted after his nice HOT bath that he slept the rest of the day. Yes, he is growing and seems to be doing perfectly well with all his challenges, yet I still see signs of his issues when he is napping all the time. We have decided to leave him there with Grandma Dee Dee and Grandpa Elmo as when they speak of him they both get tears in their eyes, so even though leaving him causes my heart to ache, I'm so happy he is happy. He is still our responsibility with Vet Bills and such and so far we are good.

I'll keep you all posted and LOVE YOU ALL for taking such a BIG HEART for such a small puppy. What a good little boys he is... Cute too!

04-11-2011 - Dr. MacDougall phoned in on the results of Omar. His prognosis is very promising. His Liver is the culprit as his Left Lobe is enlarged. Dr. MacDougall explained that the Liver is regenerative and given the right "platform" can actually grow in and help itself heal if the shunt is not to large. The good news is the test results reveal that he is on the LOW side of Normal in his liver testing. Simply put - NO SURGERY! This could change, but for now it seems like the Blood Builder and the Liver Supplements are doing their job. Omar will have a few more tests to do over the next 6 months, and Dr. MacDougall feels that the cost for these will be minimal (aprox another 350.00) and that will do it!

One side note, in the wild because of Omar's size and challenges, Omar would have perished early on. But because we Tube Fed him and supplemented him along the way (and still do) he is alive today.

Omar is a "True Runt". Every litter has smaller puppies, but they do tend to catch up. Omar will never catch up. He will most likely not live as long as the other puppies because of his "issues", but he will live! I'd like to think we will "Shock the Doc" and see Omar around for a very long time, in-fact I plan on it. His weight is expected to reach 20lbs tops. He is gaining weight now as I can feel it when I pick him up...Have not weighed him in a couple of days.

Again, if it were not for all of you we would not have pursued this with Omar. Not because we don't care, but because we've seen "Failure to Thrive" enough times that we just figured it was only a matter of time. The expense for Surgery is HUGE, and another consideration as we contemplated putting a very small puppy through this huge event with no real understanding if he'd make it or not. The lines were too cloudy and gray.

Omar is blessed to have all of your hearts for him. It's because of YOU and your generosity that we pushed this forward. Let me be clear - We would have stopped if not for all of you pushing us forward. Thank you for showing me to hope in the middle of all this. I was devistated over this puppy because I had worked so hard on him over the weeks and found a real connection to him. Travis is now making Omar his dog (even though he'll always be mine too).

Everyone at the Vet's office is in-love with Omar. It's like this whole story has "danced hope in all our hearts" and all in the name of saving a 3lb puppy with the big name of OMAR! He's getting pretty spoiled and his silly ears are starting to stand straight up making him look like a little bunny.

Thank you is not enough. T


04-09-2011 - Today is Saturday and we want to let everyone know that Omar is progressing. He's running around, "throwin down" with the other puppies and chewing on his Porky Puff here in the house. Travis has taken on the task of Crate Training, so last night I could hear him up and down with Omar all night taking him out to go "Hurry up" and then back to bed. When I checked on them this morning Omar was on Travis's Pillow with his head on Travis head. I think it's LOVE.

Monday I will update everyone on the out come of all the testing. If we hear something sooner, we will post it! The donations coming in have blown our minds. Just amazing, simply humbling. Thank you for taking care of Omar. These gifts are from the heart and we are so greatful to each and every one of you for caring for a little 4lb puppy named OMAR...Thank you...T


04-07-2011 - Hey Desert Willow Family. Everyone has been very insistent that we share a place to donate towards Healing our sweet Omar. So let's start here today and get the ball rolling...I will set this page up in detail when life slows to a normal pace again.

The next two weeks are gonna be very exciting for so many families as they get to hold & Snuggle their Desert Willow Pups for the first time, so our focus and time is also needed in settling everyone.

Did I mention how deeply grateful we are for all your hearts and support? Just Let me say this again - THANK YOU for blessing Omar and our family here and the "Kennel Family" as a whole because of your heart for a little 3 lb puppy. You all care enough to share in his healing? This boggles the mind of anyone who can wrap their heads around what we have here among us. I personally feel honored to know each and every one of you and the friendships that have come from our love of Aussie's. The feelings inside me are impossible to share. So deeply touched.

My the Lord Bless you all,

Mel, Theresa, Travis, Julianna



Dawn Joens (and Family) - DWA Puppy Parents

Sarah Overcash - DWA Puppy Parent of TWO!!!

Don & Jennifer Childress - DWA Puppy Parents

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Gail Story - DWA & BR Puppy Parents - that's TWO!

Michelle Kodis (and Violet) - Future DWA Puppy Parent

Cathy Palme (Friend of Michelle Kodis and true dog friend!)

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100.00 - Eric & Julee Samuli - Owners of Two Desert Willow Aussie's!

Donna Fanta - Fan/Friend/Fellow Lover of Aussie's!

Rande Giberson - DWA Puppy Parent & Friend

Vet Appointments:

Thursday, April 7, 2011:

Full Scale work up including X-Ray, Upper GI, Ultra Sound, etc., Cost: $986.77
(This amount includes the work up on April 4th)...T

Read the update below from Omar's Personal Nurse....

JoLynn Goss ChaconApril 7 at 3:54pm Report
I wanted to give Omar's fans an update on his day at the vet. I was his attending nurse today and I really put him through the ringer. He was first started off with "scout" x-rays, the doctor then determines the next test to complete. We collected his urine to send out for a bile acid to urine creatanine ratio. He gave us about 4 samples today! He was also very generous with a fecal sample as well. The worse part was doing an upper GI series. We gave him a liquid to eat and he then had to have a series of x-rays, two views every 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, and 2 hours after swallowing the liquid. He was not happy with me holding him down and at one point bit my finger! He was forgiving as usual and I ended up giving him a belly rub. He then had to endure an ultrasound on of his belly and heart. We then had to draw a blood sample and send it out to the lab for another type of bile acids test. One of our techs had her two sons here and they played with Omar after his tests were done and he was so happy to have that positive attention. Everyone wanted to take him home, he is very special. We won't know the answers until Dr. MacDougall gets the tests back from the laboratory, could be 1-2 days. I will be posting some pictures of the boys playing with Omar. We are hopeful he will be okay and we love him. ~ Jo Lynn Chacon, AAS RVT

FYI: Dr MacDougall called us direct just a bit ago and he is very optomistic. Omar has "Moxy"
(and after all he is a Desert Willow Aussie!)

He see's so much fight in this little boy, along with tolorence during a long ultra sound procedure, while laying on his back waiting for Doc to complete. Omar has been there all day and is doing well, he is not weak, he has tenasity which we all love about this teeny tiny boy.

Doc put him on a blood builder and a "short acting" Steroid for a boost. We are currently in a holding pattern until the test results come in by Saturday. He is gaining weight since we've added in the Liver Support supplement. Dr. MacDougal feels because Omar's "Left Liver Lobe" is enlarged (he called it a shunt) that this might be the issue which was his gut all along, however we needs to wait to see how the tests support this. More soon! Theresa

Thank you Dr MacDougall! and our sweet JoLynn for taking care of my baby today....Love the Pictures of Omar on your facebook page! JoLynn Goss Chacon

PS Jolynn was there during the c-section of Hallee Barry when Omar arrived, so she knows him!


Read about Team Omar
By Louise Ducote  

"Omar" Benson Miller
Plays Neal
Red Tri Male
Retained by Desert Willow Aussie's
Omar is the Sweet "Pint Sized" Gift from Heaven. We are keeping him because there are medical reasons that support he is not "whole" on the inside. We just adore this puppy. He will stay with us in hopes of total healing.
Today he is acting perfectly normal....Heaven will be waiting a while on this one!


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