Aussie "STUDS" of The Desert Willow

Desert Willows Chubs "Sullivan"

Normal/Clear CEA/ CH Normal/Clear - HSF4 Normal/Clear - PENNHIP
Blue Merle Male - Red Factored - Mr Smiles...
Will Retire with Travis Gorduyn

Sullivan is a welcomed addition to our crew. He is extremely gentle and sweet with a big huge GRIN when he sees
us! He gets along with everyone including our other male dogs and Love - love - loves to play! His temperament is more
of a Therapy Temperament as he is very connected to all of us (especially Travis). We are excited to see what he brings to our Breeding Program! Stay tuned for more on this one!

Desert Willows Cool Hand Luke,

PRA Normal/Clear CEA/ CH Normal/Clear - HSF4 Normal/Clear (all by Parentage) - PENNHIP Excellent
Black Tri Male - Red Factored - Working Service Dog
Will Retire with Theresa Gorduyn

Newman! Yes our boy Newman and what a sweet one he is! We can literally take this dog anywhere including and not limited to placing him by the screaming whistle of an "Old Coal Train", walk him past "Barking Dogs" or "Screaming Peacocks" and even placing him among Cattle & Horses at local Roping's (all of which he had never been exposed to before) and he just deals with it! He has the grace and ease of a seasoned dog who has traveled the world with confidence and security. Because of this attribute when are certifying him as an "Emotional Support Dog" or Therapy Dog for Children & Adults who have suffered abuse and have anxiety issues. Newman knows to just sit, watch and wait to be pet, hugged or talked to by anyone he meets, making him a perfect candidate for Service. His mother "Penelope Cruz" and Father "Forrest Tucker" together produce this mid-line temperament which is great for the service arena. Newman loves to run, play & bark with the best of them, but when that Vest is on he understands that he is in uniform and ready to work. Sweet boy, Loyal & Beautiful Boy....

Desert Willows Mickey Mantel

Normal/Clear CEA/ CH Normal/Clear - HSF4 Normal/Clear - PENNHIP
Blue Merle Male - Red Factored

WeThis is Mickey, Elsa calls him her "baby boy" because he thinks he can still fit on her lap. He adores his family and is gentle and sweet, but has that typical "Cautious" Aussie way by nature. Once you are in his pack, you are in his heart too. He LOVES to play! He is also excellent with puppies and Elsa's Grandchildren. He is very much a mid-line temperament and is deeply connected to his dog pack (which includes his human family).

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