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Desert Silk Creams are 100% Natural

Our Formula has been exclusively produced & distributed
for over 13 years by Indigo Hills Desert Silk

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I will ALWAYS have Pearl Cream in my medicine cabinet! Aside from this great benefit, I also love it for my own skin; it's soothing but not oily and my complexion looks and feels better. Thank you, Desert Silk!" Louise Ducote, Austin, Texas -

A few days of using Desert Willow Silk Pearl products, my skin looks spanking new and feels incredible!
Jennifer Jaramillo, Veguita, New Mexico

I typically don't use many products because I have "complicated" skin, but I have become dependent on four of these
products. The Pearl Cream, Body Cream, Spray Mist, and the Lip Balm. Jacque Pereira, Placitas, New Mexico

Read how Desert Willow Silk Pearl Cream
is changing the face of Skin Care!!! - click here

  • This is a perfect cream for mountain wind, dry desert weather and over all dryness in any climate due to age.
    We've found Women over 40 especially love it, but my kids use it too!  
  • Our Acne formula works beautifully when used daily.

    Desert Silk Pearl Cream aids in healing Eczema when applied to clean damp skin and used twice daily until skin clears.
    Then continue use at least once a day to maintain.
  • Baby diaper butts love it too! This cream is wonderful as a prevention for diaper rash and the soothing effect is immediate!   Pearl Cream can be applied under other diaper rash prevention; however you must allow it to air dry before applying other
    topical products. When you see a diaper rash, watch how wonderful it looks the morning after application!
  • To apply on your face; after shower or washing skin (when still moist and supple - not wet) apply a small amount to face and neck (hands and elbows too!)....Let soak in about 15 mins. Then take a cotton ball or soft Kleenex (no moisturizer Kleenex) and dab over face to remove excess especially around the eyes. Then apply make-up as normal. If your skin is greasy, you are using too much!  A little goes a long way.


A note from Desert Willow's Theresa:

I have been handing out samples of Pearl Cream to women over the last five years and some many keep coming back and asking where they can find this cream locally - well ME of course!.

I personally believe it's the best kept skin care secret in New Mexico! We are now selling this cream to all our clients and anyone else who finds out about this product and contacts us! My skin is the best is has ever been, I get continual compliments on my skin and at age 49 that is a blessing! My fine lines are diminishing, dark spots are lightening and my skin is supple and soft all day! No more dry spots on my cheeks or elbows! This is the best I've found especially in the dry desert states and windy climates. I challenge you to try it, you'll not be sorry and you'll never pay those ridiculously high prices for over the counter creams as I have for years again! This is all natural, no fragrance and designed for every type of skin. I've come to appreciate that "Less is more" when using this product so it lasts much longer (which in the end means it's less expensive and 10 times better)!

If you want a real treat, try the "VITAMIN SPRAY" and use that just before applying the Pearl Cream.

Cell support works by supplying the most essential skin nutrients in a highly absorbable spray. Users report dramatic improvements in skin tone, elasticity and smoothness in just a few weeks use. Results can be seen after its very first application. Spray it on your face, hair and body after showing and the minerals are absorbed bringing shine to dull hair, balance to skin and works beautifully with the Pearl Cream and Body Cream system! Simply amazing!

PS If your dog has a hot spot and continues to lick at it, this heals it within 3-5 days and all natural. Our Aussie - Kodiak had a bad hot spot on his front leg and after we started applying the Pearl Cream it went away within 5 days never to return!


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. 
The merchant or the product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Please note that product packaging is currently being updated.  Some products may differ in appearance from what is shown

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