Desert Willow Aussies Assessment
"Pet Protector"

Safe for 8 Week Old Puppies too!


We have been fully on board with Pet Protector for almost 3 months now in May - 2013.
We have taken this very seriously to be certain we are doing what needs to be done to find
success with this Disk.

I've been against "Spot On" treatments for years now since the loss of one of our Aussies back east to an adverse reaction, killing the dog immediately. That is when I became educated on
what we were actually putting on the dogs. The findings were heart wrenching and in a nutshell
found that I was dumping measured amounts of RAID Bug Killer into the system of my dogs
and playing Russian roulette with every dose, not realizing that some dogs die a horrible death becoming instantly ill because their systems cannot handle it. I've also heard about Seizures in dogs after one application of these spot on treatments.

When introduced to Pet Protector, I began reading and of course was very excited at the prospect of no more fighting Ticks on my dogs and finding them in my home! YUCK! We have used Sentry Natural Defense all natural topical treatment monthly and other then the very VERY strong smell it was pretty effective but not always good enough. Now 3 months into this system I am impressed! Yes it works, however the first few weeks are critical in stabilizing the disk to my dogs system and because I wanted this to work, we were careful to make sure our dogs were clean of parasites before putting the disk on. Once on - NEVER take it off, not at the Groomers or Vets office, it must stay on!

Next I used Rosemary Oil on their collars to help keep the little varmints at bay while Pet Protector regulates and that can take up to 3 to 4 weeks! There is a Rosemary Spray/Wash that works wonderfully too to spray them down daily and even to bathe them in while waiting for the disk to regulate to the dogs systems. It's a "make at home" inexpensive wash.

Yesterday while at my Vets office, I was mortified to see a tick that jumped off Cooper! OMG it isn't working? That is what I instantly thought. Once home we checked him from head to toe - NOTHING ON HIM - relief. My belief is it jumped on to him here at our home and then realized the "Hostile Environment" Pet Protector produces around the dogs and decided to JUMP OFF at the vets office. Where Cooper lives here at Desert Willow are allot of Ticks because of the grass and moisture so if Pet Protector did not work, he would be totally infested.

Today we still put Rosemary Oil on their Collars (when I think about it) just for extra care and I actually like the smell. When out on walks we spritz them down with Rosemary Mist or Richards Orgaincs Flea & Tick Spray (recommended by our inhouse Trainer - Julee Samuli who also loves Pet Protector), to ward off any jumpers who think living with us is a good idea so we don't bring any travelers home with us who jump back off here. Over all - I'd say it's a SUCCESS!!

Remember - this is not a "MAGIC" Disk, and just putting it on means it will work right away - no it won't! The holistic approach is always a commitment of time and patience and if we do not make the commitment to keep the dogs clear of Fleas & Ticks during the regulating process, they will acclimate to the disk and continue to reproduce! Time & Patience is the KEY!

So the first 3 to 4 weeks are critical for success. There is nothing out there that is 100%, but this comes close and my dogs are free of aweful poisons and toxins to their systems and no more worry of adverse reactions to spot on treatments.

We have 17 Dogs wearing their Pet Protector, (this number includes 2 rescues) we have dogs inside and out and nothing is crawling around in our home - YAY! Call me direct if you want more information, I'd love to help and encourage you on this wonderful system. T

505.565.5665 (leave a message - I will get right back to you!)

PS....Did I forget to tell you the disk last TWO years???? Yup!


Rosemary Oil is wonderful to keep on your Dog or Cat Collar
by putting a few Drops twice a week
(Do not put Rosemary Oil directly on your Dog or Cat, only on their collars).
This will help with the cleaning process of your Pets as you prepare them before
and after putting on Pet Protector. Link to Order:
Order Rosemary Oil Here
Once you click on this do a search for "Rosemary"

Note: When using the Essential Oil Rosemary, NEVER put pure oil directly onto your Dog or Cat. Use only 2 drops is directly onto your pet collar.
Never allow Pets to ingest this oil or use any essential oil on your pet without seeking advise from a professional.


Richard's Organics Flea & Tick Spay is pretty awesome too!

Cooper is a VERY Happy Boy!

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