"The Texican"
Starring: Audie Murphy

A Desert Willow Aussie Production


DW's Jubileena Olin &Audie Murphy

(This is Jubileena Olin's Final Curtain Call! - We will miss you!)

"Jess Carlin "
Played by Audie Murphy
Red Merle Male

New Mom: Jacque P - Benicia, Californa

"Luke Starr"
Played by Broderick Crawford
Blue Merle Male

New Mom: Zina M - Ephrata, Pennsylvania

"Kit O'Neal "
Played by Diana Lorys
Red Merle Female

Retained by Desert Willow Aussie's

"Luz Marquez"
Plays Sandy Adams
Red Merle Female

New Folks: Steve & Wendy F - Caneva, Italy

"Gil Rio"
Played by Aldo Sambrell
Blue Merle Male

New Mom: Diane Butenas - Marshfield, MA
(this is a very special puppy and gift from our Kennel Parents to this family because
of a tragic loss of their 2nd puppy from Desert Willow. The Kennel got together and
purchased this puppy for Diane and her family. Their other DWA pup now has a new brother. We all love you Diane!)

"Helga Genth"
Plays Mrs. Maria Banta
Red Tri Female

New Mom: Marilyn G - Las Cruces, New Mexico

"Marta May"
Plays Elena, Jess' Girl
Black Tri Female

New Folks: Steven & Rachel B - Marshfield, MA
(Friends of Diane Butenas, these two will be shipping together)

Played by Victor Israel
Black Tri Male

New Moms: Lori T (& Jubileena Olin too!) Rio Rancho, New Mexico
Jubileena will be retiring with Lori who is beyond excited for her. She decided to bring
one of Jubi's pups home too~! She and Wilkins will stay together...

Played by, Gerard Tichy
Red Tri Male

New Master: David H. - Midland, Texas


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